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Estate Planning

Many high-net worth investors spend hours and thousands of dollars each year trying to reduce the impact of income taxes on their wealth trajectory. While this is undoubtedly an important part of financial planning and wealth management, we cannot overlook the impacts of the federal estate tax on you and your family’s wealth.

This concept is core to estate planning – where individual investors and families are searching for ways to effectively pass their accumulated wealth to the next generation in a tax efficient and impactful manner. Just like our approach to wealth management, we provide truly customized solutions to clients in search of estate planning guidance and execution.

Our estate planning process encompasses four primary stages.

  • Discovery :

    We begin by understanding where your family is today on your financial journey. Our initial discovery phase seeks to understand your asset and liability make up, so the process of transferring your wealth can be as efficient as possible from a tax perspective.

  • Proposal :

    Once a base line has been established through our discovery process, our team of wealth managers get to work building best-in-class and highly customized estate planning recommendations to address the road ahead. We leverage our years of experience in building each estate plan we develop at Vaughn Asset Advisory.

  • Monitor Progress :

    Many people think of an estate plan like a will. In reality, a well-managed estate plan needs to be monitored frequently to ensure that any changes in your life style, income, or liabilities are addressed.

  • Collaboration with Professionals :

    As part of our high-contact, high-service, model, we are very open and willing to collaborate with your network of trusted advisors. These trusted advisors could be your family’s attorney or CPA. By working with these individuals, we can ensure that your estate plan is truly holistic and is prepared for the road ahead.