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Retirement Services

Retirement planning is more challenging today than at any point in our nation’s history.

Few corporations offer pension plans for young investors and the viability of Social Security in the next 70 years is still a big question mark. Older investors don’t have it much easier as today’s historically low interest rate environment has made it difficult to generate a decent yield on the fixed income portion of their portfolio. In addition to two major market corrections within the last 20 years and continued volatility, these issues are providing a lot of uncertainty to the individuals and businesses that walk through our doors.

Vaughn Asset Advisory understands these challenges. We are a deeply experienced team of financial professionals with the skills and experience needed to meet these and future challenges head on. Our entire approach toward retirement planning is rooted in understanding where you are today, where you would like to go, and tailoring a customized retirement plan which can help you get there.

Our retirement services are constructed for both individual investors and corporate clients.

  • Individual Investors :

    We work with individuals and families to build a comprehensive retirement plan for the road ahead. Our work begins by understanding your tolerance for risk and investment goals. Once your retirement plan is implemented, we monitor your progress daily through active portfolio management – looking for tactical opportunities on the horizon while also scanning for risks which should be avoided.

  • Corporate Clients :

    We work as consultants for small to medium sized businesses who provide employee sponsored plans to their work force. Our work includes plan design, reviewing an existing plan for inefficiencies, benchmarking, and helping to ensure that a plan complies with ADP and ACP testing, as required by the Department of Labor.

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