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Wealth Management

Our approach to wealth management is straightforward: we work with a select amount of wealth management clients so we can ensure consistent communication & service.

There is nothing cookie-cutter or mass produced about our services. Our goal is to help provide a professional client experience, and you can truly expect customized financial strategies designed to effectively manage and grow your existing wealth.

Our comprehensive wealth management strategies address the three critical stages which are part of the financial journey.

  • Accumulation Stage:

    These are your working years when you are building and accumulating wealth. For most clients, these are the years after you have entered the workforce and before you begin retirement. During this time period, it is critical to implement investment strategies which generate a substantial return while at the same time effectively manage risk. We consider your income, assets, liabilities, and tolerance for risk in building customized strategies to the accumulation stage of wealth management with a holistic approach.

  • Distribution Stage:

    As you begin to exit the workforce, you start to approach the distribution phase of your financial journey. Our mission is to help ensure that your hard-earned savings last as long as you do. An emphasis on risk management is critical during this stage and our team of wealth managers uses a combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and insurance vehicles focused on providing reliable income – regardless of market conditions. Once your distribution phase is set, we analyze and begin a discussion covering how you can pass your wealth on to the next generation to leave a legacy you can be proud of.

  • Transfer of Wealth:

    Through-out your financial journey, you have the opportunity to transfer a portion of your wealth that you have generated. This could be to establish a college fund for a grandchild, help a child start a new business, or to establish a philanthropic fund through your estate plan. Our approach to wealth management is truly holistic, and includes any transfers of wealth you would like to make during your lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more about our wealth management process please click call to schedule an introductory meeting.

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