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Our process begins by determining where you, and your family, are today in your financial journey. We take a comprehensive, top-down, look at the assets and liabilities which you currently have before ever beginning a conversation about asset allocation or investment strategy. This top-down analysis of your personal “balance sheet” functions as the foundation of everything that we do at Vaughn Asset Advisory.

Step two of our process is determine your financial goals over the next two years, ten years, and thirty years. We consider your personal tolerance for market risk and build a truly customized financial plan which is ready for the road ahead. Our team of wealth managers bring decades of experience to the table when it comes to building a financial plan which aligns with a client’s risk tolerance and goals. Outside of our core team of managers, is a network of product providers and relationships we have developed that can assist with unique planning or investment management goals.

Once a portfolio recommendation is made, our work is far from over. In the world of the robo-advisor and cookie-cutter financial strategies – we choose to take a fundamentally different approach, a hands approach. Our valued investment clients can expect to hear from their wealth manager between 12 and 15 times per year and to meet with their wealth manager quarterly. We use these meetings as a way to touch base and to ensure that major life events, like a new baby or death in the family, have been accounted for in the client’s investment strategy.

At Vaughn Asset Advisory, we hold ourselves to five distinct promises each and every day. Here is what you can expect when you become a valued client.


Our clients expect nothing less than professional experience, and we expect it from ourselves. Everything that we do is rooted in providing tailored wealth management strategies to our valued clients across the United States.


In the world of set-it- and-forget it financial planning, we chose to take a fundamentally different approach. We are committed to providing fully customized financial planning services to private clients and small to medium size businesses.


The costs, fees, and rational for any recommendation is clearly defined at every step of our process. Our goal is to form lifetime relationships with our clients, not recommend a product or service and then call it a day.


We are the opposite of a robo-advisor or target-date retirement fund. We connect with our clients 12 and 15 times per year by phone and aim to hold quarterly face-to-face meetings.


Our best clients are those who feel empowered in their financial success. We believe that education about the markets, financial strategies, and investment products is critical to our success as wealth managers.